Lampworked Beads & Jewelry

WildFired  Glass  Studio

Fused & Lampworked Glass Art

unique pendants

One of a kind Lamp-Worked Beads, are hand made at my studio in Otto, North Carolina.  Bead making is my favorite thing that I do.  I combine the beads with gemstones and pearls into necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Beads are also sold individually to incorporate into your own jewelry designs.

Lampworked & Fused elements are layered and arranged with crushed and powdered glass and pre-fused elements on a fused background to create unique pictures.  This scene is a 12" disk and displays in an iron stand.  It took several firings in the kiln and many hours at the torch to create.   It has lots of texture.

GLASS Rocks!

Fused & lampworked scapes

Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass pieces come in all shapes, sizes and uses.  Much of my fused glass is framed, however I also make dishes like this 18" shallow bowl.  Other items include suncatchers, Christmas ornaments, vases, coasters and dishes of all shapes and sizes.